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Positions currently available: sales agent, maintenance worker

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SALES ---------------------------------------------------------
Landmark Group is a small real estate company on the verge of amazing things and is looking for individuals who want to get into the industry. An agent here has the potential to make $100,000 to $250,000 plus work in a positive environment with a great group of people. We provide training and step-by-step help toward earning this type of money. We are looking for people who want to work in sales and leasing for residential and commercial properties. And contrary to popular belief, you do no have to work nights and weekends (unless you choose to). 
       This is a great place for those also looking to get into real estate investing. We will show you how to invest in this market and how to put deals together. Landmark Group is the ideal place for those looking to jump into real estate, for agents seeking a new work environment or for those wanting a new start. 
       In fact, here are 17 reasons why you would want to work as an agent for Landmark Group.
  1. Best splits in the industry (70/30)
  2. No junk fees, copier fees, desk fees, internet fees or per transaction fees
  3. Free website development
  4. One time sales training boot camp
  5. Free weekly, professional, offsite, third-party training
  6. Free technological support (phones, computers, etc.)
  7. Nearly unlimited leads via our Landmark Group and Dino's Storage databases
  8. Direct access and coaching from Dave Paladino
  9. State of the art office to impress clients and use for meetings
  10. An easily accessible office with parking lot
  11. Weekly onsite coaching
  12. One-on-one onsite coaching and training
  13. Website generated leads
  14. SEO expert (search engine optimization) dedicated to getting the most traffic to your website
  15. Free branding and marketing consulting
  16. Free web-based technology tools to increase productivity
  17. Dedicated support staff that: inputs all information into MLS, prepares marketing flyers and maintains your files for real estate commission
If interested, email your resume to davepaladino@landmarkmg.com.
MAINTENANCE ----------------------------------------------
Landmark Group is always looking for talented, hardworking and dedicated people to add to our maintenance team. Any person applying for this position must be 18 years or older, and he/she must have own their own truck/vehicle and tools to complete all jobs. Follow this link to fill out and complete an application. After completing the application, you will be required to take an industry knowledge questionnaire. If you experience difficulties, please call Dena Demare or Phil Abraham at (402) 553-8111.