March 28, 2011

Using Smartphones for Business

I have been with Landmark / Dino's Storage for over three years and things never get boring or repetitious in the IT department. There are always new things to learn and new challenges. Some challenges take longer than others to understand. And when you learn something it can be good for a short time and change quickly.

Smart phones is a good example of that.

Several people in the firm use smart phones to access and read emails. Each model phone is a little different and requires its own tweaks, but right now everything is going smoothly. But as users upgrade to 4G networks some of those settings will change and we start again. We were designing our web pages to be optimized on large screens and monitors. Now we are rethinking our web design because many people use smart phones to access the internet and we must give them a good experience at our web sites. There is always something new to learn and I plan to keep learning.

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