April 27, 2011

Landmark Group's Quota Club

People often ask me why in the world do we do Quota Club. Since I got my Bachelors degree in Marketing from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, I have only had one other job. I was a high-tech sales guy for a company called Sun Data. This company has since changed its name and been sold. It is now called Presidio Network Solutions. This company supplied all the technology to medium and large firms across the country. All the sales people in the company had a goal of how much hardware we were to sell each year and if we met that goal we go to go on a company paid trip called "Quota Club".

Not very many companies have a Quota Club. Even fewer do it the way Landmark Group does. The difference for us is that we not only have Quota Club for all the sales people, but we also have a Quota Club for nearly everyone in the company.

Now for the fun part. We have done Quota Club for six years. We have gont to Mexico nearly every time. One year we went to Disney World. I am going to change where we go to Quota club to make it more of an epic adventure. We are going to do stuff that they write stories about. I am open to suggestions.

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