April 12, 2011

Self Storage Video

Video might sound exciting, but it really is not. But it is very important, especially when coupled with data showing who is using doors and gates. Two weeks ago one of our facilities had a stupid criminal use his code to access our building and then cut locks from some of the storage units. But with the combination of video surveillance and records from the doors the police were able to quickly track down the perpetrator and take him off the street.

When we record 24 hours per day we get a lot of video we will never use but when needed it is great. Fortunately the newer systems are digital and permit us to highlight particular portions of the screen and then alert us when activity occurs in a highlighted area so we do not have to look at everything. And sometimes we even start out wondering who did some damage only to find something else, like how the wind and not a person damaged a door at one of our locations yesterday.

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