May 19, 2011

Make The Right Move Omaha

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal;
It is the courage to continue that counts."

- Winston Churchill


In the Omaha/Metro area, a new campaign is being launched called Make the Right Move Omaha. This campaign "will be honest and forthright in terms of presenting the current situation and it is designed to educate and provide confidence in the local market to spur home buying and selling."

According to this campaign, every eight out of 10 Americans believe this is a great time to buy but remain hesitant to actually do so. The Omaha Area Board of Realtors conducted a survey last winter about Omaha's economy and housing market. Of all the homeowners and renters questioned, 90% said interest rates are low, 80% agreed there are a plethora of homes in the market to choose from and 70% believed that homes are more affordable than ever before.

Despite their positive beliefs about the market, Omahans are still not buying. Either they fear losing their job and not being able to afford their home or they don't want to hassle with financing. They also think their current home won't produce the value they believe it should. Which is why the MLS Board of Directors came up with this campaign - they want "to educate potential home buyers and sellers in the metro as to the economic conditions locally and to spur a renewed interest in buying or selling a home."

But back to the Winston Churchill quote above - nobody can promise that you purchasing or selling a home will result how you hope. Similar to the 38,000 homeowners surveyed who said they had thought of buying/selling in the last two years, you have to take a chance. Like Churchill said, the courage to move forward is what counts in the end. The courage to put your house on the market to accomplish your dream of moving to Bali. The courage to buy the new home you've had your eyes on - it may be a leap of faith but it could also be the best decision you've ever made.

No one but you can decide if buying or selling is the right move, but at least Make the Right Move Omaha can help educate you in an honest way about this complicated process. Omaha is a lucky city to have such great resources.

--- Check out their website to take the next step in the process:

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