June 8, 2011

Digital Pictures Are Too Big

Managing a computer system, I have to keep an eye on hard drive utilization. A lot of space on our hard drive was being consumed by pictures. New cameras have a high megapixel count and can make a high quality print in a large size, but they take up a lot of disk space to store. They also take up a lot of space when you try to email them. Most email systems will not send attachments over 5 Mb, and a picture from a 12MP camera is already that size.

For an explanation of MP and print quality see this article from Hewlett Packard: Is there an easy way to make pictures smaller? The answer is yes, there are many programs available which will resize the picture to make it fit in emails or take up less storage. A program I found and use here at Landmark Group is called "Shrink-O-Matic" which can do one picture or batches of pictures.

When we take pictures of houses we save the pictures, then run them through Shrink-O-Matic to reduce the size by 70% or more. If needed we can still get decent quality prints and we save disk space. There are many other similar programs so I suggest you look around if you have ever found this to be a problem. If you would like to use Shrink-O-Matic, click here to go to thier website and download it.

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