June 27, 2011

Employment opportunities

In this age of high unemployment there is also a lot of talk about older people having a hard time finding jobs just because of their age. I am happy to say that not all employers look at being older as a negative. When I was looking for a full time position four years ago I was wondering what I might find. Then I applied at Landmark Group. Dave was looking for someone who could perform the job, in my case working with the computer network and all electronic equipment within the company. He did not care that I was over sixty, just could I do the job.

I have seen other people over sixty that he has hired since I have been here and again age is not a factor, just whether they can get the work done. That is what all employers should be looking at. It is nice to be working at a place that considers your performance.

Look back on some of the blogs and you can see that Landmark is always looking for qualified personnel. And it is nice to know that if you apply your age will not be used against you.

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