June 10, 2011

Flooding in Omaha

The storage business is booming this month from the flooding along the Missouri River. In Omaha, our managers have had record-breaking activity due to the misfortune of our fellow residents, and we are glad to be able to help people in need!

A storage facility in Pacific Junction, Iowa, told its existing tenants to move to our location because they were in a flood plain. Some of these stories are heart-breaking. People who just purchased or built a home should be settling in this month, but instead they are moving out just as quickly as they moved in.

I had the privilege of interviewing with KETV last week about the home and business evacuees needing to put their stuff somewhere. My advice to anyone needing storage, regardless of reason, is to do your research first. Don’t try to make impromptu decisions. There are too many factors involved. We do understand plans change, and we are as flexible as we can be, but self-storage units and truck rentals are first come, first serve. Make an appointment and attend it. If you don’t, the next person in line will gladly take your place.

When looking to rent a storage space, consider these points:
  • Location of storage facility that makes the most sense. You will probably need access more often than you think.

  • If you are storing your belongings through the peak time of year for humidity or potentially long-term, opt for climate control.

  • Spring the extra few dollars for the disc lock instead of a pad lock. Disc locks are much more secure and resistant.

  • Make arrangements of how and who will physically move the items to storage. We rent out Penske trucks and can make recommendations of moving companies.

  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff. You will work with your property manager more than once, even if you don’t anticipate it now. You should trust them and they should help you.

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