June 22, 2011

Get Modular? Wake up Omaha Real Estate!

Consider new construction Modular homes or multi-familty homes.
Omaha Real Estate is not taking advantage of this proven option!

Once upon a time, I worked for several years as a Modular Home Designer for Modular home factory in southeast Nebraska. A couple of my projects are in Omaha.

Check out the Townhomes located at corner or 42nd Street and Leavenworth (Southeast corner). I designed these multi-section townhomes. We then manufactured them, transported them and contracted for the Crane setting of these structures.

Below is a photo of another project of mine located in Omaha is located on South 52nd Street, just north of Grover.
As you can see both projects defy the common perception of a modular home, not single story and simple rectangles in desgin. Multiple section designed home can have a great curb appeal. The company I worked for "Cottage Grove Homes" , a family business, has long since closed their doors. However their are a couple of other companies in Eastern Nebraska that are great resources for information on modular housing. Keep in mind, that these homes are inspected at the factory by the State of Nebraska. This means that you can bypass some of the local multiple inspections common to onsite construction.

Working with the factory, the home will arrive per your schedule to set on your new basement. You can be working on the basement while the home is also being constructed. It cuts down on the construction loan time factor considerably. The company links below are both FACTORIES, not dealers. They are located within an hour drive and well worth a visit. I know the market it tight and new construction may seem risky, but if you are cost conscious and not wanting to sacrifice on curb appeal. Definately consider modular.

This company will specialize in whole house designs, in other words the house arrive complete, not is sections, requiring more onsite carpentry. Or at least that was their market back when I competed against them for sales. They will be glad to evaluate your proposed location and help you figure out if your location is a candidate for whole house installation.

Another great Nebraska company is Heritage Homes.
http://www.heritagehomesofne.com/ This company will provide multiple sections designs. Check out both company websites, go talk to their sales people, and do your research. They have an office/show home, out on 370 Hwy & 1-80

You can also contact me, I several years of industry experience. I would be glad to meet you here at our Landmark Group offices (2702 Douglas Street) to discuss your ideas and proposed plans, and help you make good a decision.

On my next Blog post I will discuss my house moving experience, another option for existing homes.

Dale Clymens

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