June 9, 2011

Running Furnace and Air Conditioner System Check

Given this time of year we are so bombarded with phone calls about the AC not working. In October and November will be the same way when people are turning the furnace on for the first time. Starting the end of last week we were at least a couple days out for a technician to be dispatched out.

At that time on through Tuesday it was too close to 100 to be waiting on a service call, and you really don’t want to be towards the end of the long list. In order to not get caught in a bind, just check the system at the beginning or April and October. By doing this, you can give us enough time to get the system checked and fixed before it gets too hot.

During this check it’s a great time to change the furnace filter. The first thing most of the service tech’s check is the furnace filter, if it hasn’t been changed in a while the air is being restricted and the system shuts down. Just in case you are stuck without AC, be prepared, get fans, open windows, and get to the pool.

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