July 5, 2011

True Climate Control Self Storage

Summer is finally here! Every time I step outside and think about complaining about the heat and humidity, I remind myself that I can safely drive my car through town to get to work. I can walk across the driveway without spreading salt first. I can accomplish my daily tasks without much extra effort. In winter, that is often not the case.

These dramatic changes in weather (115 degree heat indices vs -30 degree windchill) take a toll on your items in storage. The more seasonal changes you endure, the more effect there is. At Dino’s Storage, we want our potential and current customers to know we expect and prepare for the varying weather conditions of the Midwest by building our buildings with those conditions in mind. Climate control is not the same everywhere. It can be heat only, air conditioning only, temperature control, humidity control, or all of the above like we provide in our Climate Controlled buildings. We monitor our humidity levels and use our air conditioners and dehumidifiers to get the results we want and our customers need.

We believe in climate control storage so much that we have added it to almost every single site we own and we are building new facilities with 95%-100% of the units climate controlled. Our newest site, 2725 2nd Ave in Des Moines, was featured as the January 2011 Facility of the Month by Trachte Building Systems.

If you will rent storage through the summer or longer than two seasons period, opt to spend the extra few dollars to preserve your items in their current state. These items specifically should be kept in climate control units:
* Electronics
* Antiques
* Wood/leather furniture
* Oil paintings
* Appliances
* Photographs
* Important documents

Remember: No matter where you rent from, ask the manager how they define Climate Control. If you are in a humid part of the country, you will want to be sure they fight humidity or you may as well keep your things in non-climate space.


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  2. Exactly! These are your valuables for a reason - you find value in them. So spending the extra dollar to preserve them will always be worth the money.

  3. I agree with that, climate control system is also being installed in the self storage units, which means storing each and everything is possible in these units.

  4. Exactly, we know than certain items need less long-term protection that others, so it's nice to know that when you actually need to preserve important things, you easily can.

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