August 18, 2011

Landmark Team Building

Yesterday a portion of Landmark Group's management team and support staff spent the day doing some unconventional team building. It was a great day filled with several water activities, food, fun and a long bus ride. I mention this because just as any other office, Landmark has its share of office politics, communication barriers and all around frustrations that, after time, take a toll on each individual staff member. I have always believed that occasional team building activities can help reduce these issues.

Team building is a very important process in any company that helps to ensure a close-knit team of individuals work toward the same desired purpose. Encouragement is very important in team building, and as we discovered yesterday, when we motivated one another, everyone tried harder to accomplish team objectives. Yesterday we found fun ways to develop cohesiveness, tear down walls in communication, regain an appreciation for one another and boosts one another’s commitment to Landmark Group. As it is in life, team building takes time and willingness but the end results are well worth the extra effort.

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