September 8, 2011


How long can you go with out any media in your life? Are we addicted to mass media? Way back when before I was alive the only media was the newspaper and it didn’t come out every day or even twice a day, I would give everything to go back to that. I wish I could just resist, but I can’t, I am either looking at a website or watching the news. Lately I have been trying to figure out why we can’t resist the media, is the reason out of fear of what could happen? Or we need to know how things are currently going. Is the media really telling the whole story or leaving us hanging until we watch more or the end of the program. After watching the news especially, I have realized it is all negative. With all the negative information or TV shows we watch, I don’t think it is healthy. Probably the reason why American’s can’t get out of this funk and try to stabilize the economy, they are constantly surrounding themselves with negative thoughts. Everyone should think if this is really healthy and try to change their way of life, maybe it will help jump start the good ol’ days again.

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