November 29, 2011


Recycling is becoming more important to businesses as time goes on. At Landmark we generate a lot of trash which we used to haul to the landfill. Recently we added a dumpster for materials which can be recycled. It does not take long for it to fill up with cardboard and other items. Since I am involved with the technical devices at Landmark, especially computers, I have also been concerned about how to recycle these devices. Our monitors and computers do wear out or become obsolete.

One company which has an excellent program for recycling almost anything electronic is Best Buy. They accept most items at no cost and make it easy. I have taken old CRT monitors, televisions, VHS recorders and many other items to them for recycling, and with them I know it is done right. Maybe you can also join in the recycling process. For more information go to the Best Buy website

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