December 17, 2011


With the end of 2011 just weeks away, I find myself thinking about the new year. What resolution's will I make and why do I make them? Or why do I not stick to them?
I am going to try something a little different this new year. Instead of resolving to ... I am going to set goals; little attainable goals, set up in a smaller more workable time firm. Instead of resolving to do something, such as be more active and then never find time to go to the gym, I am going to break it down into simple ways to meet each goal. Perhaps set it up to go to the gym twice a week and work up to five times a week as I see the results. We should always work at bettering ourselves, be it physically, mentally, spiritually.
So there is one resolution that I will make and that is to try and better myself and my surrounding for the New Year. May the Spirit of the Season bring you all joy and happiness.

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