December 30, 2011

Young Drivers

I have seen a lot of reports on the news lately about teenagers or young adults getting into accidents due to speeding or alcohol and somebody losing their young life after the accident occurs. Now I know that you young people want to impress your friends by seeing if you can jump the infamous bump on State Street or speeding down the highway just because you can. What causes these accidents are the young immature minds driving.
I think the area schools should take over driver's education like they did when I was in high school and teach these kids responsible driving. If you fail the class, you have to take it again the following year and you can’t get your driver’s license until you pass the class. I didn't get my driver’s license until I was 17 because my mom and dad didn't think I was quite ready for it yet at 16. Good thing, because it taught me to be a little more responsible with my driving by learning more and driving with my parents longer.
As the mother of two soon to be teenage driver,s what frightens me the most is them being out on the road and me getting that dreaded phone call that my child has passed away because he or she was driving irresponsibly.
Come on kids wake up and drive safely!

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