January 10, 2012

Why Choose Landmark Group?

A few weeks ago I was having dinner with a friend and he asked about my work and the company Landmark Group. I told him that Landmark is a real estate company that manages houses and apartments for rent. He then told me a story of an experience he had over twenty years ago when he was in the service.

He had purchased and was living in a house when he got orders to go overseas. A neighborhood friend of his, who was also in the service, offered to manage it for him, and the friend did a good job choosing tenants and making sure rent was paid and the property was maintained. Then, that friend got orders to go overseas and they had to find a new manager. They found a Realtor who said he could manage it for them. He then started noticing a lot of people renting for only a short time and moving out. The house almost always had a tenant but my friend wondered why they were not staying. When he finally got orders to return to the U.S., he told the manager not to rent it out any more because he would be returning. Upon returning he found that the Realtor had been using the house to rent to people who had sold one house and were moving to another, but the other was not yet ready. The tenants and the agent had no incentive to keep the place in tip top shape, so when he returned he had a lot of work to do. He had picked a professional to manage the property, but not really a professional, who was only a manager part time and was selling real estate full time.

Landmark is different. We have agents who sell real estate full time, and we have a separate large department dedicated to managing apartments and houses. We have a maintenance crew dedicated to keeping these properties in tip top shape. We qualify tenants and try to find tenants who will be good long term tenants. We work with both tenants and property owners to be sure the property is maintained and liveable for both the current tenant and future tenants. So, if you have a property which you would like to rent, come to the pros. Come to Landmark Group Omaha.

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