February 15, 2012

Dino's Auctions

Last week on February 10th, we had a special auction down in Bellevue and had our largest turn out yet. That day we were offering free admission and we had probably 60 people there! It’s great that so many showed up, but it also made it extremely difficult to move around and the auction took so much longer because more people had to look at the each unit. This is one of the reasons why we charge an admission at Dino’s. Serious buyers are the ones that are still coming to the auction and still bidding on these units, even with an admission charge.
Our next auction is scheduled for February 24th and we am looking forward to seeing some of the same people that we see coming to our auctions on a monthly basis. I also look forward to possibly seeing some of the new faces that came out to the special auction too. Don’t let the admission fee deter you.

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