February 13, 2012

iPads for the Air Force?

I read a short but interesting article over the weekend. The U.S. Air Force is considering the purchase of a minimum of 63 to as many as 18,000 iPads for use by flight crews. Currently, flight crews carry as much as 40 pounds of books and charts on board. Following the lead of American Airlines and United Airlines, the U.S.A.F. is considering putting all that information on iPads. Just think of the weight savings from such a move as well as the ease of retrieval. It makes sense.

Here at Landmark Group we have not made a move to tablet computers but we will have to look at the possibility soon. I can remember the time of Multiple Listing books published weekly. Now all the data is available online and can be updated in real time. People used to depend on an agent to look through the books or available houses, but now most people look online and tell the agent what houses they want to see. 

One thing technology still has not replaced is the role of the agent in handling all the paperwork (Yes, even in the computer age, there is still a lot of paperwork) plus relations with the banks, housing inspectors and title companies. So even though more is being done by computers and tablets right now, it is still good to know there are experienced agents here at Landmark Group to help you through your real estate transactions.

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