February 29, 2012

Technology Not Working Properly? Reboot!

Have you ever had a problem with a computer or smart phone or other piece of technology that just is not working properly? I had two different phones with problems this past week and to fix the problem tech support told me to power the phone down, remove the battery, then replace the battery and power the phone back up. That fixed the problem. Of course you will not find it in the instructions but tech support said it is recommended to do that to the phone on a regular basis, one of the phones daily and the other one weekly. I had a computer which could no longer print from Microsoft Office because it could not find the printer. I rebooted the computer and the problem went away. So a recommendation when you have a computer problem (and a smart phone is a computer) is to reboot it to see if the problem disappears. Many times it will and if so you will have saved a lot of time searching for an answer. If the problem does not disappear then you can look for an answer elsewhere. But by rebooting first you can save time and keep it simple.

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