May 3, 2012

Maintenance Tip of the Day

Spring is here. This post is mainly addressed to rental property owners or if you intend to take an extended vacation. There has been an increase in vandalism and property loss with the increase in price of salvaged metal. The thieves drive around looking for empty homes so they can enter and remove water lines and AC units. There have been cases where kitchen cabinets and sinks have been taken.  A couple of preventative measures can be simply keeping the grass mowed, mail and newspapers picked up. Vacations are great but let someone know you are leaving so your home can be watched to prevent unwanted entry. If your air conditioning unit is located in an area that can be removed with little or know visibility, put a fence around it. A fence can be inexpensive but save you several hundred dollars. It is a shame we have to go to extreme measures to protect our property, but until scrap yards are monitored, it is a haven for stolen property. If you need assistance in securing your property or need someone to maintain it while you are away, please give us a call and we will help you with your property needs.

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