May 17, 2012

Public Transportation

Now that spring and summer is here - and more importantly, because gas is getting close to $4.00 per gallon, I have decided to ride the bus to work at least one day a week.  Most of the major cities I have visited (DC, Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco) have amazing public transportation.  Omaha certainly lacks in that category.  The city has done studies to improve our public transportation and the cost seems astronomical. But as the city continues to grow, it would be well worth the expense.  Now to my bus riding experiences. Convenience is certainly not a factor in my neighborhood.  Although it is better than it was, I still need to walk and/or bike approximately one mile to get to a bus stop.  The buses only run every hour so planning is definitely a necessity.  The cost is $1.25 each way so it is cheaper than driving (for me anyway) and although the bus wasn't full, there were more riders than I anticipated.

I definitely will continue to ride at least once a week and hopefully because the trek to the bus stop is good exercise, I will increase my ridership to more than once a week.  Riding public transportation is really something everyone should experience.

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