June 30, 2012

Foundations of Performance

I am not sure where I came up with this, but I think it applies to both athletes and business people. If you want to perform like a champion in what you do, there are five things that you need to follow.

1.      TRAIN Like a Champion
Every workout, every drill every movement, prepare to be the best.
2.      RECOVER Like a Champion
We all get hurt. When you do, take the time to remover your body and bounce back. Get lots of sleep. Listen to your body. Take two days off a week. When your body does not want to work out, don’t make it
3.      EAT Like a champion
Cut back on the sugar as much as possible. Eat as many colors out of the garden that you can. Eat a balanced diet. We all struggle with this. When you fall off the wagon, get right back on. Remember that foods are meant to be fuel.
4.      PERFORM like a champion
When you are in the middle of your desired sport, concentrate on the task at hand. Each time you work out, pick something to get better at. 
5.      THINK Like a Champion
This is the most important foundation. visualize yourself performing at the level you want. 

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