July 12, 2012

How to Make a Flyer for a House for Rent


1 Create a List
Create a list of all the information you need to include on your flyer. This should typically be the price of the rental, the type of rental that it is, along with contact details for you. You might also want to include what type of expectations you have for a renter and the requirements you have for someone's application to be successful.
2  Brainstorms
Brainstorm your ideas on paper. Select any photos you may want to use in your flyer. If you need to have the images taken, make sure to takes both inside and outside photos of the property.
3 Content Drives Delivery
The number of pictures, the size and style of fonts and glossy paper or matte finish are just a few of the considerations for how your information can be displayed in your flyer. Other considerations include the number of pages, professional printing or desktop publishing, descriptive writing and tri-fold or double-sided formatting. As you design the word and picture content, the flyer should be appealing without appearing chaotic and overwhelming. It should be easy to read and free of industry jargon. Of course, the final piece should do the job of positioning the property for serious purchase consideration.

4  ContentAs in all written documents, the where, when, why, what and who questions should be answered in a real estate flyer.

* Where is the property? Include the address and maybe even a map or directions to it. Sometimes neighborhood information is relevant if it will help make the sale.
* When is the property available for tours? Mention if the property is vacant or if tours are available by appointment only.
* Why should a buyer consider this property? A buyer in the market for real estate has many options available. List as much about the property in language that displays it as a benefit or feature. For example, instead of listing the clubhouse gym, write, "Save money on gym membership and get healthy without leaving home with an on-site gym."

* What is the square footage, price, incentives, special deals and disclosures, so the buyer can make an informed decision?

* Who should the buyer contact for more information or to sign the sales contract? Include website, email and phone information for the broker or representative.

 5  More on content
Pictures should showcase the highlights of the property. At the very minimum, a picture of the front exterior should be included - but the more the better. Neighborhoods sometimes sell the property regardless of the condition of the home. If a local school has an outstanding reputation, include that information as well. Other information that helps position a property includes:  how close is the beach, mall, university? Without overdoing it, include as much information about the real estate to position it as a property with many features and benefits.

6  Using templates:
Microsoft Office products such as Word and Publisher have templates built in to assist with flyer layout and content spacing. In addition, templates can be creatively designed from scratch, downloaded for free or for a fee from the Internet.

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