August 22, 2012

Listing your property for rent

Listing your property for rent – A good option when you can’t pay your mortgage

for-rentWhen you’re struggling to make your monthly mortgage payments and you seek help of a housing counselor, you’ll certainly be advised to go for a refinance or a loan modification. But before you negotiate with your mortgage lender or take out a new mortgage with favorable interest rates, you should consider the option of renting your home in order to get money to make payments. Are you aware of the fact that you can list your property on the online rental listings so that you may invite the visitors to check out your property? If answered no, here are some steps that you should take in order to put up your home on the online rental listings.
  • Click the best pictures of your property: The foremost job that you need to do is to click the best pictures of the entire property including the kitchen and the bathrooms so that you can attract women who mostly check out the aforementioned portions of a property. A few clicks of the exterior with a photo of each room should be attached online for people to check out. Don’t go with attaching a small picture as people will certainly wish to get the best view of the place where they’re about to stay and also pay for it.
  • Try creating a video tour: The latest trend is creating a video tour of the house or the apartment and attaching it online. People who are interested in the property will love to take a virtual tour or a video tour of the entire place and get a clear picture of their living room and bedroom and kitchen. You can do it with your digital camera or even use the camera in your phone.
  • Write effective descriptions of the property: Avoid writing a long description of the text in the descriptions of the property. Use a short-, bulleted style description that will invite people simply because it is easy to read. Highlight the USP or the Unique Selling Proposition of the property and let it stand out in the crowd.
  • Give details of the surroundings: While you’re giving the description of the property, you should make sure that you write it like a person who isn’t familiar with the area. If the rental property is in the suburb, you should mention how far this place is from the major business districts and the biggest companies. This will help them take a better decision regarding renting the property.
If you can come up with a successful plan regarding putting up your home on the online rental listings, you can certainly get people who will like your idea. Let them stay on your home so that you can earn the money and repay your home mortgage loan on time.

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