September 27, 2012

An Empty Mind

Whenever it's my turn to blog - I stress over it for days - never know what to blog about - and consequently, waste time finishing this responsibility.   I guess I realize what authors describe as "writers block" because I can sit and stare at this screen and not have a single purposeful thought enter my brain.

I would like to mention that I had two nieces who ran the half-marathon last Sunday and finished in times of 3 hours 10 minutes and 3 hours 45 minutes.  Not their PR (which I now know stands for Personal Record), but a time they were pleased with considering they didn't train as hard as they wanted to.  So "kudos" to my nieces because running 13.1 miles is an incredible feat to me - something I would not attempt to do and what really amazed me was watching the marathoners - they all looked like they really enjoyed what they were doing!!!  Go figure!!!

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