September 5, 2012

Living in Nebraska

Omaha: River ViewThirty years ago I lived in Denver with my family and we were looking to get away from the smog.  While considering where we might move I said a definite "NO" to Omaha and Nebraska.  Six years later circumstances changed and we moved again, but this time to Omaha.  That was a move I have not regretted.  My wife and I now consider Omaha to be a very good city to have come to to raise our children.  We are now close to retirement and have looked at many articles about the best places to retire.  When it comes to affordability Nebraska is right up near the top in most rankings.  We definitely think we made a good choice and we plan to stay here for our retirement.  Then while looking at little blurbs on Yahoo I saw an article about the 10 Best States to be Young in America.  Nebraska was ranked number 5.  Go read the article:    All in all everything I read says Nebraska is a good place to live and work no matter what your age.  But I do not need to read articles to know that.  I just look around at all we have here and know that it's true. 

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