September 7, 2012

Maintenance tip of the day

Question; where did your summer go? We have a much different summer than last year. Last year we were navigating around the flooded areas now we are watching the crops, trees, gardens and other plants struggle through the drought. Isn't amazing that the landscaping, lawns, and our gardens show the signs of this long dry spell and the weeds seem to being doing just fine.Maybe we can take a lesson or two from the weeds: . Weeds will appear in the most unusual places. The will try to grow in the cracks of a sidewalk, along the street curbs. They will even try to hide in the garden or flower bed to steal moisture away from the plants you want to grow. Just a thought, where is the most unusual place you have seen weeds growing. Weeds are unassuming they only grow where they are given the opportunity, but given an inch they will take a mile. What is a weed really, Is it simply a plant or is it a nuisance to what we really want to see in our life.
Fall is approaching and we have to get our lawns and gardens prepared for this coming spring, don't worry about the weeds. The weeds will survive the winter with no help from us. They will be back in the spring looking for any chances they have to grow.
Let's maintain the garden and don't let the weeds control you  

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