October 30, 2012

On the menu: Hotdogs/ pizza /and tamales?

      Hot dogs, Pizza AND tamales?  Great combination isn't it? Actually what your reading is just  an open mind writing it down on Paper and a small experiment I conducted. A fun pick me up from one Hispanic to .. well to a room full of Americans!  Its funny to me when most assume that just because I'm Hispanic.. Ive got to be Mexican. MERP. Nope. I'm actually puerto rican Born and raised, in puerto Rico. I speak Spanish and I consider myself a Latin women.
                                          Hola Como Esta's, Como Te puedo ayudar?
  I love seeing the reaction on most of our potential tenants come in and realize that there IS someone that can speak Spanish and translate for them. The percentage of  traffic that walks  into a business because the Clients KNOW that there is Spanish speakers is significantly greater than the places that don't.  Proof: I use to work at a bank and MOST if not more of our clientele IS Hispanic. We Would have people from council Bluffs, from way out in west Omaha come all the way down to our bank that's very south and spread out from everything just to get service from someone who can actually talk to them.
Diverse friendly Businesses...NOT!
So.. a friend of mine and I decided to do a little experiment to test a theory that I have.
"if you don't know the language, some or not most people tend to ignore you, at a business, then to figure out what exactly it is you need. " Ive seen it. People Shying away like you have the Plague just because they can't understand you? Sounds crazy, right?! You don't really notice it until it happens to you.
I walked into a big Department store at the mall, With the intentions of ONLY SPEAKING in SPANISH. A few sales people approached me and said "hello can I help you find anything", so I responded in Spanish. They were very nice and said let me know if you  need any help and walked away. WHAT really got to me is that my experience went smooth but my best friend (who's Mexican) did not. She was trying on shoes and a sales person came up to her. She responded in Spanish and the sales person demeanor was COMPLETELY different, was slightly aggressive, sounded annoyed, and eventually got tired of listening to my friend talk in Spanish. He took a step back and said to my friend, (who was rambling in her own world in Spanish) "I could find some one to help YOUR kind, or You can go to a different department store that has Your kind of people" I WAS BLOWN AWAY. COMPLETELY dumbfounded that this kind of service was happening in our local mall? lets just say I never saw that sales person again.
Reaching Out
Making applications with translations, TRYING, even if you don't know the language,  Grab someone that does know the language to help your clients out, Not treating us like UN known creatures, and most defiantly DO NOT ASSUME we are all from the same place. Those are a couple things that will go allot smoother in bringing in a greater percentage of a demographic
in your business.
Que todos tengan un buen dia! Gracia's por su tiempo!

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  1. Great topic! Educate yourself and try!