October 26, 2012

Release Ministries

On October 16 I accompanied my wife to a benefit dinner for an organization called Release Ministries.  I had never heard about it until about a year ago, but it started in 1994 with a few men who thought that youths who were incarcerated at juvenile detention centers could benefit from bible studies and learning about God's unbounded love for them.  From that humble beginning the program has grown and now involves many volunteers such as my wife who visit the youth once per week and discuss God's love to mentoring programs to work with them after they leave the detention centers, to homes for those who need extra guidance after they leave and even assistance transitioning to becoming productive citizens for society.  That evening I heard some wonderful stories from other volunteers and staff.  If you want to know more about please visit their website at releaseministries.org to learn more.  This is a wonderful program that is making a difference right here in Omaha and which deserves our support and involvement. 

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