November 27, 2012

Hobby This.. Hobby That.. Hobby, This That!!


        A Five year old dancer (observing the senior dance class) named Alyssa Becker asked me yesterday during my ballet rehearsal why do I dance? So, I got to thinking.. WHY DO I dance? Is it because it keeps me sane?.. Is it because.. dancing and cardio is HEALTHY for you?.. or is it because I've been doing it for so long that I don't know anything different. Whatever the reason is, dance as my hobby has Moved my life in a positive way.  So, I responded to her..

"I dance Because its the only other way I know how to express myself other than using words."

Finding What you Love to do..
It took me a while to appreciate my parents for pushing me into Dance. I was Too "Hyper" as a child, So my Parents decided "They need to stay busy, the girls need a hobby!" So they stuck me in ballet along with my younger sister. She HATED it, she cried everyday! I finally got used to it.. By 6 years old my sister and I were Dancing 4 times a week. (which is a lot, I think, for a kid). I have danced starting from my 5th birthday to now, being 20 years old and still active in the studio.  Not everyone likes to dance or finds the passion in what I like, BUT there's always something every ones good at. FIND IT! GO FOR IT!
Finding a Hobby that Suits You..
Unlike me, I had NO choice, my parents put me in dance from a very young age so I didn't know any better.
Find something that makes you happy, that keeps you motivated, Doesn't have to be so time consuming! *I Give one of my co workers a lot of respect, She has found happiness in working out daily.. It's become a great thing for her, Now 15 Pounds lighter and looking great, she keeps that as a hobby and is motivated to push herself through til she reaches her Goal!
Tips On Finding a Hobby You Like
I have friends that always tell me "I'm Not good at anything" EVERYONE is good at something!
  • Explore Your Options- You wont Ever know if you're good at it until you try it. Tag along with one of your friends on a run, a practice, a rehearsal, or even on a daily workout!
  • Be Confident, Practice makes Perfect- You wont be good at first .. or you won't feel alot of change in the beginning but the more you do it the better you'll be!
  • Stay Positive- Surround yourself with people that will motivate you along the way, That Find that same interest as you, that way you guys push each other in continuing something you love to do!

Its all about Trial and Error!
Don't Give Up! :)


  1. First of all I love the pic! Way to rock out a motivational blog! :)