December 18, 2012

Champion Gives Back!!

I wasn’t surprised by this article when I read it and the reasoning is because of a story about my daughter. 

My daughter is a known fish in the water; she is a self taught swimmer with little direction.  She has been in the water before she could walk.  During the summers I can’t even bribe her with candy to get out of the pool. Only thing I have ever really told her no fear, hold your breath and blow out your nose.  That isn’t the case for me, I love being by the water but nothing more than floating or relaxing and I HATE getting my face wet. 

With the swimming trials in town over the summer, I took my daughter to them and she said one day she will be on that stage to swim for the United States.  I explained that is a great goal and there are several steps she needs to take to get there.  Well I placed my daughter in swimming school at Brownell-Talbot so she can start to compete during the summers.  While I was waiting for her lesson to start and looking around I asked who’s metal was in the case.  Sure enough it was Ryan Lochte’s.  I have never seen my daughters eyes get so big when she heard, even with this entire Elf on the Shelf business going on at my house.  She was so excited to see the metal in person I think it really was a motivator.

This article in reference is about Ryan giving back. He had an experience when he was a child and he mentor told him no, which clearly had a huge impact on him.   

The reason why I am writing about this is because if there is big things that Dave is always teaching his direct reports, business partners and many more people is to give back.  He has a proven track record of giving the knowledge he has gained over the years back to his kids, employees, and clients.  In general you always know when he if giving you advice or information because I have notice he talks just a little faster.  The reason is probably because he has so much crammed in throughout the day.  I doubt he knows that but I take it as a test, if you can leave the conversation with everything he said and your own game plan, then you passed.

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