December 4, 2012

What's Next?

 Our Monday meeting was very interesting nothing that normally happens did not happen instead we  were told of a restructure of the company.
The first thing that came to mind was "Am I still going to have a job after the restructure?" not "How is this going to affect the company or my fellow employees."
We often only think of our selfs in situations like these. we dont even consider the guy next to us. Dave hase mentioned that we simply just don't care enough to put in the good effort. I believe this statment is true to a point.
When an issue does not have to do with us we tend to turn our head. (Unless it has to do with us directly, myself have had that train of thought since I started working here.) Not until, the monday meeting have I stoped to think of our tenents and their needs or wants.
After listening to Dave and Phil talk in the meeting I realized that I need to stop and think of the others involved in all issues at hand.
I am going to start putting myself in the others shoes so that I can understand how they are feeling or at least  understand were they are coming from. In doing this I hope to become a better employee and a better person to our tenents.

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