January 16, 2013

Maintenance tip of the Day

Here we are in the middle January and what a month it is. It is a good time to check your rental properties as well as your personal homes. The furnace filters should be changed to insure the maximum flow from your furnace. Make sure the cold air returns are not blocked as well. If your rental unit is vacant it should be winterized, at least shut off the valve at the water meter. If there is a power failure the water lines could freeze. Shutting off the water will minimize the damages. Vacant units should not appear as though no one is checking the property. Keep the sidewalks clean of snow and ice, keep a path clean to the house so the house can be shown to prospective tenants. Do not allow the newspapers to collect around the front of the house and pick up any trash that may have accumulated. These few simple things can give your investment the curb appeal it needs to attract the desired attention you want. Stay warm and remember Landmark Group can help you with all of the needs your property may require.

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