March 29, 2013

Caffeinate or Nap?

I found several interesting "tidbits" in the March Readers Digest.

An interruption of only 3 seconds doubles the chances of making an error in any task involving a series of steps.  It'd be interesting to test that theory.

Now - if you need to know when to caffeinate or nap - according to Vanessa Gregory - this is what you need to do:

If your head hurts - you should drink coffee because caffeine improves the absoprtion of pain relievers - so the combination of an aspirin and a cup of coffee will help your headache.

If you want to run faster - drink coffee - caffeine boosts your endurance and speed.

If you're grumpy and sleep-deprived - you should drink coffee and take a nap (what can be better than that!!)

If you need to ace a test - take an hour long nap - that is as effective as a night of sleep in terms of storing information.

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