March 3, 2013

What it takes to make a good tenant.

Do you want to be a good tenant? So do we, we have our tenants sign a lengthy lease but being a good tenant comes down to three things.
1. Pay your rent on time, its that simple. The rent is due on the 1st and late after the 5th.  Please pay your rent on time. We don't want to collect the late fees. When you are late its a lot of work for us, just pay your rent on time and we will think you are a good tenant
2. Respect the property.  Its funny when you think no one washes a rental car. But this is serious. You are living in something that is a very expensive and a complex asset, We just ask you treat it with care and to treat it no different than would if you owned it. We work very hard keeping the rent affordable, please help us continue to do this by not damaging the property.
Liz Salnicky and Ynna Colon Paleo Pizza
3. Respect the neighbors. Have you ever lived next to a noisy neighbor? Its very stressful, when you get off work and you just want to hang out and the neighbor is playing loud music. Another example of this is keeping the trash picked up and in trash cans with lids and  take them to the curb one a week on trash days.

This pic is Paleo Pizza that our Property Managers Ynna Colon and Liz Salnicky Made. If you want to learn more about the Paleo lifestyle more let one of us know.

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