March 22, 2011

Property Management Financial Reports

As owners of investment properties - it is important to always know and understand the financial reports associated with your portfolio. Even though you have someone managing your properties, it is still prudent to review the activities in your properties on a monthly basis and always ask as many questions as you need to understand the reports provided to you.

A monthly cash flow comparative statement provides a quick and easy way for owners to see how their properties performed for that particular month as well as how the performance compares to previous months. Landmark Group has the capability of providing owners with a variety of financial reports and can actually customize reports specifically to meet your requirements.

And just a reminder - the first half of property taxes are due 3/31/11!!


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  3. I do agree with you, It is really important to have knowledge about financial reports associated with our portfolio. Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog.

  4. You're welcome! We believe in providing our property owners with everything they need to be able to manage their portfolios as best as possible - financial reports are just the beginning.