April 15, 2011

Property Management Maintenance

If you are in or in the process of starting up a property management company it is known what a wide arrange of products are used on a daily basis to maintain rental properties. Landmark Group’s maintenance department is one of a kind in Omaha, Nebraska. At Landmark Group, we have our own supply “store”, which is roughly over 750 square feet, broken into three areas. Best of all we don’t have to leave to purchase supplies, the products are delivered right to our doorstep. We have a daily delivery from one of the largest home improvement stores in the nation, Home Depot. They deliver both the items we stock for daily use and custom items needed for special updates to properties. Our stocked items included but not limited to cleaning/turnover supplies, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, hot water heaters, toilets, window panes and even large amounts of lumber.

After the items arrive here they are marked with our own special numbers. One of the main reason’s we have implemented this is because suppliers never carry the same product all the time; they are always out looking for cheaper products. Why do all the work to change things in our system, when they do all of that to theirs. This is the best way we have found to operate at one of the top in the industry, along with that everyone saves money. Not only are our technicians not wasting time driving all over Omaha but they also get maintenance done faster. Our end result at Landmark Group is to get the investment to start/continue making money and keeping tenants happy for the owners. We also can ensure high qualities of products are being installed. Some management companies have the technicians purchase the products and get reimbursed or just have their accounts charged, which is very risky to a business.

After the technician’s get their dispatches for the day, they get what is needed and get to work in less than 5 to 15 minutes. Most people can not get in and out of a home improvement store within that time. At the end of the day, technicians are instructed to return any unused items to be refunded to the dispatch. This process is very beneficial to everyone as well as the environment, so nothing is wasted. If the property only needs half a gallon of paint we will only charge for that then use and charge the rest somewhere else. If only a couple of rags are in need to clean up a small mess, why would we charge for a whole box?

Please also take note some of our other very important suppliers, which are: Ideal Hardware, Sherwin Williams, Johnstone Supply, Baker Distributing Company, Electrical Fixture & Supply Company and Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore.

Jena Stevens

Assistant to Landmark Group's Maintenance

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