April 18, 2011


Preparation is so very important in all aspects of our daily life. If we are prepared for our daily task we will accomplish what we set out to do for that day. A friend told me recently that you never check your equipment the day of the race because you never know what may go wrong. Being prepared shows that you in fact care about the situation you are involved in at that particular time.

I was watching The Apprentice last night and a team lost because they were not fully prepared for the task at hand. They had all the components to do the task it was just poorly executed due to their lack of preparation.

Preparation plays a significant role in the Property Management business. We have to have our rental properties prepared to rent in order to get them rented. Therefore we need all resources on the same track, from the owners to our maintenance department to the leasing team. If we are all prepared we will accomplish what we set out to do which is to get the properties rented.

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