April 19, 2011

Return, Reuse, Recycle

At Landmark Management Group we have made it standard operating procedure to return, reuse, and recycle all materials that are used on our jobs. This is implemented by requiring all of our technicians to return to the warehouse any portion of any item they have taken or used on any project. At that point our warehouse assistant can then return the portion of the unused product to the owners invoice for a credit. We then return the unused product to an overstock warehouse where our technicians are directed to purchase supplies from first, in order to reuse the items and charge the owners only a portion of the cost.

This practice has not only led to reduced cost but also taught our tech’s to be more aware of creative work practices with recycled materials. Many items that most people would throw away because it’s missing pieces or is not a complete set we keep here in our overstock warehouse. These items have at times become priceless commodities because we were able to creatively recycle the item to benefit a different use.

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