May 21, 2011

Bringing Real Estate and 3D Modeling technology Together

Nearly everyone has Google Earth software, if you don't, then come out of your cave and GET IT now. Check it out again, you will find that more and more you are seeing 3D models of buildings. Open up Earth, go to Omaha, NE. Type in the address for Landmark Group, 2702 Douglas, Omaha, NE and you will see a 3D model of the corporate headquarters. I built this model in relatively short amount of time. Also check out 2725 2nd Avenue, Des Moines, IA.

This is a link to a PDF brochure from a company that is taking this marketing tool to the next level. It is very informative, and helped me visualize the blending of this technology into the real estate industry marketing tool bag. Click here to see the PDF.

All agents and brokers already have the home or building size and measurements and the digital photos (more would be needed though) What they need are the 3D models. The software is called Google SketchUp. It's a free download. I have used the program for a couple years on and off. If I can be of assistance to anyone at Landmark Group interested in pursuing this as a marketing tool, just send me a email -

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