May 26, 2011

Living in Downtown Omaha, Nebraska

What is your favorite area of Omaha? Are you a downtown dweller or an Elkhorn suburb lover? No matter what your preference, we want to see pictures of your favorite parts of town!

Landmark Group is going to be unrolling a BRAND NEW website focused on Omaha Real Estate, and one improvement we are making to the site is to include more information about the different and diverse neighborhoods that Omaha has to offer.

For this week's "Neighborhood Focus" check out the pictures below of the NoDo (North Downtown) and Downtown areas!

Leave a comment with your favorite part of town! If you would like to submit pictures for the website, email them to!


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  2. Of course :) It's nice to hear you enjoyed our photos and our section about Omaha. This is also my favorite section of the new website and probably the section I am most proud of. We'll be unraveling photos of Midtown Omaha soon so be sure to check them out!