May 9, 2011

Landmark's Royal Flush

Life as a toilet. This is an out of site out of mind position. No one seems to know you are there until they need you, then they expect you to be ready at their beck and call. Your day is spent in the dark, but then suddenly the door opens, the light comes on and you are ready for the task at hand.

It is easy to complain about the view of your job, but then you have this confidence that no matter how heavy a load they dump on you, you are ready to get busy and flush it away and get ready for the next assignment. It may seem to others that your job is less important, but listen to them complain if you get back logged and things start backing up. It is like it is your fault they dumped such a big load on you and you are expected to clear it with a snap of their wrist, but you sit there with this inner peace that you have been at this job for a long time and in just a short while things will clear up, they will go back to their job and you will wait quietly for the next job they throw your way.

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