August 3, 2011

Identifying Character

Over the last couple days I've had the pleasure of spending time with my 26-year-old nephew who is trying to break into the pro golf circuit. He came to Omaha to play in a qualifying match at Tiburon Golf Course, trying to earn a spot to play in the upcoming Cox Classic. Although he didn't play or score well enough to earn a spot this time, he knows what he has to work on and will continue on his quest.

What I personally learned from watching him play is that almost all of the golfers trying to qualify for the Cox Classic shoot the same scores. There will be the few that shoot very well and make it into the tournament and there will be the few who shoot horrible, but the majority of the golfers will be in the middle - not good enough to make the tournament but not the worst scores either. So these "middle" golfers need to work on some aspect of their game that will move them up and out of the middle.

I think the same is true with real estate companies. Essentially all the companies provide the same service, but if you want to be the company that people hire - you need to provide that one additional item - something that distinguishes you from the rest.

Landmark Group certainly does that! We work with all real estate categories, meaning that we not only deal with residential properties but commercial as well. And not only do we just sell real estate, we lease and manage properties. As part of a full-service real estate agency, Landmark employees are exposed to all aspects of the industry, not just one small area - we aren't called your intelligent real estate experts for nothing!

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