August 23, 2011

What Journey Are You On?

As most of you know, we are in the process of filming a reality show called "The Super," which will be on HdNet starting in October or November of 2011. The production crew took a two week break from filming and they will be back on September 6. Once they are back, it will take about a month to finish filming.

The first episode will be about a female tenant and how she cannot get her bad-news boyfriend out of her life. This episode is close to my heart because I see so many girls that both have worked for me and who I rented to who have a man in their life that is a deadbeat. Because they do not think they deserve any better, they cannot get rid of them. This episode is 100 percent non scripted. Meaning: IT'S REALITY.

Last week, the key people at Landmark that will be on the show and the production crew went boating. Most people just don't see this, but if you love adventure, Landmark Group is an amazing place to work. Charles Little II is one of the producers on the show and while were tubing, he said, "Dave, this is living!", as he was watching me throw Roger, Cody and Phil around behind the boat on a beautiful warm Midwestern day.

I never realized what an amazing journey God has put all of us at Landmark on until Charles said that. I love to live life on the edge and push myself every day to experience the most I can. If you are looking for the kind of job where you can step outside your comfort zone, experience things you never dreamed of doing and hang around with amazing people, Landmark is the place to work. We are in a big push to grow our sales staff. If you know of anyone that wants to live life at its fullest, have them get contact me - (402) 553-8111.

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