September 14, 2011

Buyer's Agent

A common misconception among real estate rookies is that when buying a home, you call the agent whose picture and information is shown on the for sale sign, the handouts and flyers. But this is not the right step! Those people looking to purchase a home need to find a buyer's agent to represent themselves. The agent whose information is associated with the property is representing the seller of the house. Not the buyer! That agent has the seller's interests in mind and if any conflict arises, they will favor their client first and foremost.

A buyer's agent can be considered your personal home shopper. They scan the real estate listings available in your area and narrow down the options based on your lifestyle, taste and budget. They want to help you find the property of your dreams. And they help you through the thick parts - contract negotiations, walk-throughs, closing documents, etc.

The best part about hiring a buyer's agent? The seller of the home is responsible for their commission! Meaning you don't pay a dime for your agent's outstanding service. The reason the seller pays the buyer's agent is because they are trying to sell their home - they want agents seeking out their property and bringing in potential buyers.

So remember next time a property catches your eye, call your REALTOR® to assist you further. And if you don't have a REALTOR®, find one you know you can trust and who will act with your best interest in mind.

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