September 13, 2011

Landmark Group Website
Yesterday afternoon Lauren published the new website that her and I have been working on for Landmark Group. The project has taken us about 4 months to complete- from a vision board to the final product.  The reason we decided to redo the site was because we noticed that a lot of our services were not being communicated clearly to our customers.

The most important thing to Landmark Group as a business is to be able to effectively communicate to our current and potential clients all of the services that we provide within the Management, Maintenance and Sales divisions of the company.

My favorite sections of the new site are the employee pages where you can read survey questions about each person, and the neighborhood sections that showcase the city of Omaha through pictures, descriptions and links.

What are your favorite sections? Leave a comment below to let us know!


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  2. Great, I'm glad you enjoyed the post and also our new website. It sure was a LOT of work, but it has no doubt paid off. Now we can really explain to people who we are and what we do - a critical step for any business. Thanks for reading and we're happy you like the new site!

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  4. Thanks for reading! We're glad you have enjoyed our posts. Our blog is updated daily so continue to check back for new articles. Happy Thanksgiving!

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