October 6, 2011

Dino's Storage Payments

Most people know how to pay their storage bill and don't ever have an issue with payments. But there are others who either do not put their unit number on their check/money order, or they have someone else send it in and don't include their name on the payment. This is how errors happen in the payment process. You would not believe how many John Smiths I have in my system. Without a unit number on your payment, I have no idea which John Smith that payment belongs to. When situations like this happen I can sometimes look at the address on the payment and narrow it down that way, but this doesn't always work. Sometimes I get money order payments with no name, address or unit number at all.

In cases like the ones that I speak about above the customer ends up getting locked out of their unit and getting late fees, when in all actuality they did pay on time. It is very easy for me to change the payment and add it to the correct account but it would make it even easier on you and me if the error didn't happen in the first place.

Please remember to always put your unit number on your payment! If you are not sure of your unit number, you can always call your property manager and they would be happy to give you that information, as it would save them time in the long run as well.

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