October 18, 2011

Maintenance Tip of the Day

Everyone is talking about The Super, and what a nice time we had watching the first episode Monday evening.

Winter is now upon us, the first frost is right around the corner. Snow, ice and freezing temperatures are ready to attack us. We prepare ourselves with heavy coats, insulated gloves, warm and dry boots, but what about our homes?

When was the last time you checked the insulation in your attic? Blown in insulation is easy to apply and most places that sell the insulation will loan you the machine to install it. There are several types of insulation that can be blown in. You can even purchase insulation made from recycled materials that help the enviornment. Instead of materials filling up the land fills it saves energy in your home, saving you money.

If blown in insulation will not work for you, there is faced and unfaced insulation that come in rolls or sections. There are several different "R" values for your specific need. Measure the thickness of the insulation you currently have and take that information with you when you are ready to purchase your insulation. The store of your choice will be able to give you advice on the most cost effective materials you will need.

Looking around the outside of your home can often save you energy and money. Caulk is very inexpensive for the return in value. A $2.00 tube of caulk can seal a drafty window, also check the corners of your house along the edge of your siding for cracks that could be filled.

Clean your gutters, a free flowing gutter will help prevent ice damns. Ice damns cause water to back up under your shingles that can cause a leak on the interior ceilings. While you are looking at your gutters don't forget the down spouts, sometimes the ends are clogged or smashed, restricting the water flow.

Lastly, put your snow shovel where you can find it. Don't wait, store it and ice melt where it is accessible, even a bag of kitty litter may come in handy.

I heard one person say that they love winter, it's just the cold, snow, ice and slick roads they don't like.

Happy winter soltace, be safe and enjoy the seasons!

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