October 20, 2011

Storage FAQ's

The majority of the customers we serve have never used storage before. Here is a quick and simple guide to five of our most frequently asked questions. To view a complete list of our Common FAQ’s, visit our FAQ page.

1) What is climate control and do I need it?
Answer: Climate control definitions can vary, so be sure to ask who you rent from what they call climate control. Sometimes it is strictly heated, sometimes it includes air conditioning. At Dino’s, we heat and cool but also run dehumidifiers where necessary to keep the humidity at levels that will not promote mold growth. While we cannot guarantee the temperature or humidity level, we do our best to maintain them so your items remain in the condition you left them in.

2) How do I best utilize the space I’m paying for?
Answer: I find most customers over-estimate the amount of space they need. If you pack your items well, you can save a lot of space, therefore saving time and money. Use the same size boxes, label them specifically (not just by room, but itemized) and try to box most of your items. Items that aren’t boxed will be awkward and hard to stack. Storing shelves or bookcases? Use them to hold those unboxed, odd-ball shaped items. Storing a dresser? Keep the clothes folded in the drawers and put the screws and bolts from the unassembled furniture in a baggy inside also. Don’t forget to label the baggy!

3) What kind of lock should I buy? Can I just bring one from home?
Answer: You bet you can bring one from home. But if you don’t have one, you can sure buy one from us. We sell pad locks and disc locks. No lock is thief-proof, but Disc locks are the most secure type in the storage world and very reasonably priced. We strive to be at or below our competitors prices and you save yourself a shopping trip by grabbing one off our shelf.

4) When can I move in?
Answer: Just sign on the dotted line and the space is yours!

5) Why should I buy a mattress or sofa cover?
Answer: Even in a climate control unit, dust can accumulate. Mold particles can spread through the air. Bugs and little creatures can make their way inside a building and into your unit. Mattresses and couches are expensive to replace. Spend the extra few dollars to save yourself hundreds!

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